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The bittersweet words from you...

Eeryday I’m so insecure…

I’m waiting for you to come but you never show yourself in front of me.. I am the only one who feels that way? Or is it just the feeling of myself falling for you even deeper, that your love is not like mine?

Can’t it be me who holds your hand everyday, who kiss your lips and see you smile like that?

Yeah you got me so in love with you that my feelings for others are gone to hell!!


The bittersweetnes

In the middle of summer, you were gone.. you never showed your face ever again.. Do you know how it hurted me? I sat on the balcony, wrote letter to you but i never sent them to you!

I wrote abot my love for you, my hatred for you… but did you feel the same? Do you even fell the same now? You came back, looked out for me and said bittersweet things to me..

„Do you think i will forgive you?“ My head says these words over and over again but my heart fell for him right from the start… cause your words were the same like in the last summer…

Words i wanted to hear from a person who i like… - From you !!!




23.5.09 23:21
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